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Solar Energy Broker: We Get Multiple Quotes For Your Solar Panel System

The Future of Power Starts With the Sun. We'll be your solar energy company in Dallas, TX and throughout the whole state

Nothing's more reliable than the sun. It rises every day and usually shines bright in the Dallas, TX sky. So why not use all that energy to your advantage? Make the sun your friend by calling Bright Solar Energy today.

We're a solar energy company that's powering homes and businesses the best way possible. Our team will come to your property, engineer the right solution and install your new efficient panels as quickly as possible. Your home or business will be perfectly optimized for a money saving clean energy future.

Bright Solar Energy is a solar broker company. We are a one stop shop company that helps homeowners save money by getting multiple quotes for solar panels. As solar brokers, we work with top tier solar companies to get the best possible price from the most reputable companies in Texas.

We have extensive knowledge of the solar industry, so we can help you choose the right system for your needs. As a solar broker, we save you time and money by getting the best possible deals on solar panels.

Let us be your energy consultant. Call: 214-225-2259 to learn more about our residential solar panels or commercial solar panel installation services.

Each Customer is Different so Each of Our Solar Energy Solutions is too.

With Thousands of Panels Installed We Know How to Save You Money.

Our expert solar consultants will guide you on the best way to save on your energy bills.

We are consultants, not salespeople. Solar may not be your only option.

Benefits for solar include the following

  • Once installed solar adds about $20k to $40K+ to your home value on average,
  • Your home will sell faster, Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Eliminate or reduce your electric bill, Fixed monthly electricity cost Hedge against high inflation,

  • Sell excess electricity to the grid, Over the life of the system save between $40K to $65K+,
  • Get $4K to $10K in federal investment tax credits if you qualify,

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We're a solar energy company that goes above and beyond for our customers. That means we:

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Provide consultation options with other solar companies

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